I heart my yogi [dot] com

I am such an advocate of directories, and I have been so disappointed in what is available…Until now!!


I heart “I heart my yogi [dot] com!”

Why I like it…

  • It’s FREE. (But there are available upgrades!)
  • I’ts well-designed and structurally thoughtful. And just pleasant to look at!
  • You can join as a yoga STUDENT!
  • It links up all your social media to your profile.
  • It places your blog in a feed and you can see ALL the teachers who have posts on a certain day.
  • The creator is excited about it. So I’m excited about it.
  • Elephant Journal likes it so much they’ve given it free ad-space on their site:

So, go sign up. Make it easier for students to find you!

I am NOT being paid or reimbursed in any way by to say this stuff. I say it because I’m excited by it!

Tell Ali all about it!

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