Simple things ABC’s

 Janetha M writes, “abby did a post including 26 simple things she enjoys in life—from A to Z. she got the idea from dorry. i’m a copycat. i loved this idea.”

And I, Ali, am not afraid to also copy this idea. So here we go: Ali’s simple things ABC’s! Since I’m about to open Bull City Yoga and meet tons of new folks, I thought this would be a good time to let you get to know me better!


Alien. I love those movies so much. I could (and have) watch them over and over!

Back to the Future. Hi. I had my 31st birthday party themed BTTF.

Chihuahuas! I never thought I would be a small dog lover, but I am!

Dogs in general. I’m only a little biased towards chi’s. 🙂

Evenings in the light…I do MUCH better in summer time 🙂

Future. Specifically, movies set in a dystopian future. ex: 12 Monkies

Greens. Chard is a favorite, but I won’t say boo to any!

Hummus. My brother and I are alike in that we can’t let a carton go unfinished. Dangerous stuff.

Ice Water. Simple, delicious, and beautiful to the eye.

Just hanging out on the couch watching Criminal Minds.

Kashmir by Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin III, my current fave in the canon.

Metal. Some heavy, some hair, all old school.

No particular place to go.

Ordering stuff from Amazon. (It gets here SO FAST.)

Pizza. Might be my ultimate “treat” food.

Quiet time. No noise, no electronics, no nuthin.’

Raspberries. The sexiest fruit.

Smart Cars! I love mine!

Tomatoes. The only things that money can’t buy are love and homegrown tomatoes.

Upswing. As in: catching it!

Vacations in winter. That’s when I need ’em.

Walking outside. Eff treadmills.

Xtra (Janetha-esque cheat) coffee and that pumped up feeling.

Yoga. Duh.

Zapatito, which is what we call my Smart Car. Because it looks like a tiny shoe.

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