Sponsored Post: Tiger Sheds!

Ali here to start. This is a sponsored post, which means that I have accepted compensation because I think that this product lines up with what Alison Hinks Yoga’s mission! This is a post about garden sheds  from Tiger Sheds, which is a great UK shed company that I would love to stick in my (imaginary) backyard and turn into a yoga sactuary, WOW. I especially like their “Summer House” Line. Okay, take it away, Tiger Sheds!

Yoga classes are all well and good, but their environment isn’t always as relaxing as you need it to be. There’s often the stress of others around you, or the worry of creating and keeping the relationships with the other yogis. All this can distract you from what yoga is all about. Finding some peace for yourself, while enjoying the experience. It’s important to learn the techniques in a supporting place with yoga experts, but once you know your way around some basic assanas, why not create a yoga sanctuary at home. That way, you’ll gain practice in preparation for class as well as the benefits of a solitary yoga session, and maybe some solutions to one or two problems.

The place you choose for your yoga sanctuary is very important. I’d advise against doing it in the living room, as there are many other distractions such as the TV and memories of other activities in this room, which could break your concentration no matter how committed you are. So, a place completely committed to yoga is what is needed. If you have a spare room in the house, then great, turn it into your yoga sanctuary. If not, don’t despair so soon, as you have more space than you think.

A garden shed in the backyard is a spare room just waiting for a more meaningful purpose. A few simple touches can transform this shed into your very own yoga sanctuary. You get the benefit of being outside and being surrounded by nature, while simultaneously being protected from the harsh weather.

First, you’ll want to clear it out, so find new homes for whatever’s in there. Then a good sweep is in order. Since it’s still cold outside, and will remain pretty harsh out there, a small, portable heater should be the next item to enter your sanctuary. Feel free to decorate your sanctuary a bit. Some pictures of basic asanas, you want to practice regularly, such as Balasana, Sage Twist and Wind Relieving Pose, as well as some more ambitious ones you wish to conquer like Ardha Chandra Chapasana, will remind you what you are here to accomplish. Other pictures of vast spaces and beautiful landscapes will remind you of what you wish to gain, namely a new perspective and some calm to an otherwise hectic world.er. Consider stapling a white bed sheet or old white sheet to the floor for some comfort to your bare feet. The reason I’m suggesting white, is that the look of the vastness of this colour when staring at it on the same level, i.e. from a yoga mat on the floor, brings great inspiration to deeper, comforting thoughts and ideas. At least, it does for me personally.

A CD player won’t go amiss either, as, I find, the silence doesn’t always help me get in the right mind set, so some calming music, maybe even the same that is used at classes can help you focus. As a final touch to the atmosphere, consider some scented candles placed on a windowsill or shelf. Lavender, sandalwood, chamomile and cinnamon are known for their relaxing powers on people’s senses.

The beauty of this sanctuary is that it is all your own, and it can help make yoga be all yours again, too. Anything you think belongs in this sanctuary should be in this sanctuary. I’ve just presented some ideas and inspiration to get you going. Where else do you think would be a good place to have a sanctuary? I’d love to know.

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