Classes taught at Alison Luther King, Jr High School

Speed History: 180 Facts to Keep You From Looking Like a Moron

  • George Washington was the 1st President of the USA
  • The War of 1812 was, in fact, fought that very year
  • *look for our sister class, Speed Science, coming next semester

How to Dress for Your Body and Create a Personal Style

  • taught by Stacy London, adjunct
  • field trips to thrift stores
  • positive body image

Your First Apartment

  • the treacherous waters of roommating
  • know your rights/how to read a lease
  • how to find an apartment/warning signs! (or, “is that linoleum-over-carpet?)
  • things you want in your neighborhood

Nutrition and Real Life

  • create and eat a healthy lunch every day at school
  • organic/macrobiotic/raw/high-protein/vegan/paleo (or none of the above?)
  • mindful eating
  • budgeting $ for food and weekly supermarket trips

Knockin’ Boots with Your Government

  • paying taxes
  • getting your driver’s license
  • starting a business
  • navigating your local municipal government (learning patience)
  • how to run for office

Finishing School: For the Real World

  • elocution (ain’t: stop saying it.) (their/there, who/whom)
  • posture and grace (your left leg will atrophy if you keep that swagger.)
  • manners (using the right fork, and MORE!)

Mindfulness: Finding Your Calm

  • meditation techniques
  • exercise as meditation
  • create an individualized program for you

How to Interview for/keep a Job

  • Creating a resume *This class also does public service to INCLUDE on your resume
  • Appropriate Dress (or, “if your underwear is showing you won’t get this job”)

“How to Win Friends and Influence People”

  • an entire year on Dale Carnegie’s book
  • test the ideas in a lab setting

Book Club: How to Read for Fun

  • choose any book
  • read it during class at your pace (or, nap if you need to)
  • on comfy beanbags in the 2nd grade classroom

Words, Words, Words!

  • typing (you just gotta know it)
  • memorize 10 pithy quotes for any situation
  • vocabulary expansion for smartypantses

Living with Animals

  • caring for pets (altering, feeding, kindness, environment)
  • encountering wildlife (visiting local rescue centers)
  • informed consumerism

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