Par Par Bogie Bogie Par Par

image from here.

No, the whole world is weird and it is getting weirder every day!

You know what happened in Sweden? You didn’t h ear about this? Doctors cured a deaf man by yanking a 47 year old bus ticket outta the guy’s ear! (So don’t tell me about cotton up my nose, thank you very much.)

And, in the next 47 years, at the present rate of progress, these new doctors they got, they’re gonna tell you the day you’re born what kind of horrible disease you’re gonna die from.

Oh – plus – now, now in California, they have these people that throw birds in your car while you are waiting at the stop light! Yeah!

So you better lighten up, because that’s the way it’s gonna be every year of our lives, no matter where the hell we are, until we all just

dry up…

or blow away…

or get hit by a bus.

-Leo Fish (Home for the Holidays)

one of my favorites!

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