Stretch give-a-way

In Stretch Neal Pollack says lots of things I think and quietly keep to myself about this strange bird of yoga flying into this modern world. He also once posed for a yoga portrait holding a very fancy cured sausage from Whole Foods. He is man who can appreciate the hilarity of incongruous juxtaposition, certainly.

So win his book from me, Ali!

Just post in the comments section how yoga has affected your life (good or bad or in-between) between now and next Friday. Winner announced next Monday!

Go to it, me little bookwarms!

2 thoughts on “Stretch give-a-way

  1. I’ve noticed that as much as I love and value yoga, I have actually been avoiding it! I have a lot of hip tightness and pain. I knew yoga should be the key to addressing this, but I couldn’t seem to make it to the mat. Then I realized that there may be some deeper emotional issues bound up in that hip pain. So, this comment is about recognizing the sometimes complicated role yoga can play in our lives- a helpful tool, but also like a loving friend who may need to help you face some painful realities… we must be open to becoming open.

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