Wheels and stairs

photo from here.

The wheels of our lives are full of smaller wheels,
and smaller wheels,
wheels within wheels,
all greased by acceptance and not by dismissal.
So many little systems within us,
self-regulating cycles bringing us back.
Oh, but how challenging to just allow them to do that?
How tempting to reach out with our hand
and will our own brute force to stop the gear from turning?
How easy is it to chastise ourselves for wanting rest,
or solitude,
or comfort food
when our intellect
has dictated

And when the gears uncoil
and rise up
out of our control,
It may feel like we are walking in circles,
but we are walking up a spiral staircase,
always ascending to our best selves.
We just happen to revisit,
time to time,
old vistas.


2 thoughts on “Wheels and stairs

  1. I’m printing this, cutting it out in a beautiful little shape and taping it to my desk so I can read it every day. I love it, Ali.
    “When the gears uncoil and rise up” – you are so good at transforming feelings into words. This must be part of why your visualizations are so powerful in yoga class.

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