Acro with Jennie

This summer Jennie and I thought, “we can do acro yoga!”

Not that we’d ever tried it before.

Or taken a class. Even one class. Between us.

So we grabbed Erin Kawamata to document, a yoga mat, and a public park space.

I think it turned out quite well.

Plus, looking at these pics warms my heart! I know, I know, a season for all things…but I miss summer and sitting under my “happy lamp” doesn’t always do it. 🙂

So is this an ego trip? Sure. I think we look awesome. Is is damaging? I don’t think so. Zooming in on the asana, or pose, part of yoga is a natural curiosity among folks who practice. Maybe, as a teacher, I should be above that.

But I’m not. I’m excited at how cool my body is and what it can do. The creativity that was flowing that day with Jennie and Erin and me was exhilarating. Making something out of nothing is one of the most purely beautiful things I know.<3


Tell Ali all about it!

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