Microcosm of Kindness Within

You have a whole community, a whole ecosystem, a whole world, a whole universe! of kindness and support in yourself for yourself.

You have little office buildings full of tiny businessmen and women trying to get their TPS reports of encouragement in on time.

You have whole factories of tiny bleach blond cigarette smoking ladies who assemble generosity for you all day long.

You have fields of tiny frolicking You-bunnies having fun with you specifically in mind until the sun sets, and then they go to sleep and dream about you being your happiest self.

The great enterprise, the extraordinary machine, is all advancing to care for you. You don’t have to do anything other than accept it. Biology itself is pulling for you, wanting you to stay alive,

bearing you out of nothingness into somethingness.

Every time you breathe in, every time you listen to the sound of a truth from inside, every time you treat yourself well, you are nurturing the ecosystem of kindness within.

It is already happening. It will happen if you fight it. It will happen if you ignore it.

But if you allow yourself to do what you are built to do, that is: be on your own team, your potential is limitless.