A day in Durham

I’m taking a cue from my dear friend (I wish) Tim Ferriss and giving you a picture of the fun, unique things to do in Durham if you have a day! I know there will be a LOT of debate over the restaurant choices, but I just went with my favorites. Seriously, we have great food down here. Come and visit!

best durham

Breakfast at Elmo’s

Elmo’s is “The New South’s” version of a diner. Huge menu and bottomless coffee, but not a greasy spoon. The oft tattooed, young staff are friendly and efficient. Plus lots and lots of omelette ingredients. And sprouts.

Beer at Sam’s Blue Light

Maybe the definitive Durham store. Sam’s Blue Light is a gas station with the biggest beer selection I’ve seen in Durham. That’s probably official somewhere. The staff are metalheads and they eat take out and listen to our dear departed Tooth. You can also get a pint (with free glass!) As you wander the store.

Lunch at Dain’s Place

I actually had a roomate in PA who was bff with Dain’s sister, Devon. Now this PA boy sells the best burger in the Triangle. (people will try to tell you it is Bull City Burger, but they are wrong.) Fun, funny staff with great decor, this place ALSO has an amazing beer selection. (Hm. Self-evaluating.)

Create something at Scrap Exchange

When I first went into the scrap exchange upon my arrival in Durham, my head exploded. This place sells “the extras.” Fabric, molded plastic doodads, magnets, surplus medical thingees and just stuff you never knew you wanted to glue together.

Take a walk to the dinosaur in the woods

So there is a big dinosaur in the woods. It’s cool.

Yoga at BCY

What can I say? 🙂 We’re a small, local business in the heart of downtown, offering a niche product. Plus we’re on the 3rd floor which gives us SUPER street cred.

PingPong at Fullsteam with your dog

Fullsteam beer is solid, but the real attraction at the brewery is that there are very few rules. Bring your dog, your kid, your take-out food, it’s all good. And they have a pingpong table and a couple of cool arcade games.

Drag Bingo

Self explanatory.

Open Mic or Karaoke at Pinhook

The Pinhook, is like, hip. I can’t believe they even let me in the door. Check out what great talent Durham has whilst drinking a tallboy PBR.

Drinks at Alley 26

This is the kind of bar you go to on a fancy date. They have real egg whites for their fancy, fancy drinks which are DELICIOUS. The staff, far from stuck up, is helpful and friendly.

Tell Ali all about it!

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