10 ways to start a yoga practice


1. Go with a friend

This is my number one pick for starting a studio practice. Even after all my years of practicing, at all the studios I’ve visited, going to a new class is ALWAYS scary. So take a friend. And even though giggling through OM isn’t reccomended, it’s not the worst thing that ever happened in a yoga class 😉

2. Take advantage of 1st class free offers

Lots of studios have 1st class free offers. I worry when a studio does NOT have a 1st class free offer. Don’t feel guilty or weird about taking advantage, because any studio worth their salt is just happy to get you through the door to show off how awesome they are. And most are, in their own way. This is a great way to find a “home” studio without breaking the bank.

3. Go with your gut

If 105 degrees sounds terrifying to you, you don’t have to try that class. If a “restorative” class sounds dry as licking burlap, my guess is you won’t enjoy it. There is a lot of yoga out there, and a good studio will describe a class well enough for you to get an idea about it. If there are phrases in the description that rub you the wrong way…that’s totally okay.

4. Don’t commit to one studio too soon

Studios have lots of different teachers, and their staff is usually in a state of flux. Loving one teacher’s class doesn’t gaurantee that you’ll have the same experience with every teacher, nor that that teacher will be around very long. Make sure that you truly feel at home in a studio and with a solid group of teachers before you plunk down a lot of cash.

5. Don’t feel trapped

NEVER feel trapped. I try to say this in my classes, but I’ll say it to those of you who don’t take my classes, too: you can take a break ANYTIME. You can go to the bathroom, get a drink, go to child’s pose, skip a sequence…hell, you can even walk right out of a class if it’s not for you. I’ve done it. Yoga is a very personal experience, and a good teacher will understand you taking care of yourself.

6. Take breaks

Ah, my creedo. TAKE BREAKS. You do not need to push yourself through a class. Whether the teacher says so or not, you have every right to take a break in child’s pose, kneeling, sitting, standing, or going to savasana early. A class that would be too hard for you without breaks may be the perfect intensity WITH ’em. So take ’em. Be responsible for your own experience as much as you can.

7. Get a new outfit

Am I shocking you with my commercialism? 😉

Having the right costume is an integral part to feeling confident in a new scenario. If you got a job in an office, you’d buy a new suit. Don’t wear clothes that “just don’t quite feel right” to a yoga studio. Since taking a new class can be overwhelming, give yourself every advantage to having a nice time.

8. No matter what, bring:

Comfy shoes to walk out of the studio. A water bottle filled with water. An extra hair elastic. A hand towel.

Believe me.

9. Ask around

You don’t have to jump in blind to taking classes at a studio. Ask your yoga-type friends. Even if your tastes differ, you’ll get a lot of information from them that you’ll never find on a website. They might even go with you 🙂

10. You don’t have to like yoga

Just because I think yoga is awesome, doesn’t mean you will. But because I know that there are SO many different types of yoga ( hot yoga, slow yoga, power yoga, meditative yoga, yoga for atheletes, yoga for people who hate yoga) I do think it is worth more than a 1 class try. In the end, though it is all up to you. Find your own path. I know you can! ❤

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