Take the January Challenge!


Take as many classes as you can in January and enter to win a free massage from Tiny Om Studio!

You will be surprised how your body will respond to a month of dedicated practice. Can you commit to a New Year’s Resolution that will change your life?

All January Classes $5 +free beginners classes Saturdays 11am-12:15

RSVP on the event page here.

One thought on “Take the January Challenge!

  1. I clearly need to move to Durham, post-haste. I tried a “power yoga” DVD last night featuring Rodney Yee’s package. Erm, I mean Rodney Yee. It made me uncomfortable. Is it normal to feel awkward and mortified regarding to someone on the TV screen? Anyway, feel free to delete this if it’s inappropriate, with my humble apologies. 🙂

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