Power Yoga for Beginners

I’m so excited to introduce two pups that will be attending our donation event this Saturday, Dec 1st!


First up is Shadow Maker (what a great name, huh??). I admit, I secretly hoped that this dog would come to our event! She’s so gorgeous with that cream coat and her pink nose! Here is what IAR has to say about her…

Shadow Maker is sweet and calm. She is happy to be by your side, or out taking a walk with you. She loves being brushed. She is grateful to have your attention, but can also settle down nicely to be content on her own. She doesn’t like slippery polished tile floors (like in the pet supply store), but does well on carpet, rugs, ceramic tile with texture, and hardwood.


Second up is Aero. Uhm, could he BE any more handsome and regal?? IAR says…

Aero is a friendly, active dog. He took to his foster family right away and aims to please. He loves belly rubs, car rides, and going to the dog park. His favorite game is fetch. Aero knows a few basic commands and we are teaching him more. He is also crate trained and doing very well with his leash training. Aero is good with our other dog, and also good with children.

Tell Ali all about it!

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