What Categorizes Bull City Yoga-style Power Yoga

1. Heat (between 77 and 85 degrees F)

A warm room helps your muscles warm faster and makes them more amenable to stretching. Notice it’s not a HOT room, like Bikram yoga at 105 degrees. By keeping the temperature between 77-85 degrees, we are able to do poses that would be dangerous at higher temps. We can still do a vigorous class and sweat — without sweating being the only thing we’re doing!

2. Holds

What differentiates Power Yoga from Vinaysa (or Flow) yoga is the holds. We hold challenging poses while breathing. These are called isometric holds. Using both isometric holds and dynamic exercises (flowing and reps) we build a class to give you versatile muscle strength. Basically, we’re working your muscles in two different ways.

3. Flow (Vinyasa)

Flow (or Vinyasa) is placing your breath specifically with each movement. While flowing, we move quickly from pose to pose, matching them with the inhale and exhale.

4. Reps

To build muscle strength, we will often do two-three sets of repititions of an exercise, just like in body building. You will use your own body weight for resistance.

5. Breath

Regardless of whether we are holding a pose, resting, doing reps, or flowing, the breath is cued by the teacher. Keeping a focus on the breath helps create the physical class into a very meditative practice in itself.

6. OM

We start and end each class with an OM. OM has many definitions and layers, one of which we address in each class. The great thing about chanting OM is that it is something that we can do together. While much of the class is very personal, OMing is something we create together!

7. Savasana

At the end of each class we have a 5-10 minute rest in the darkened room. The teacher stays with you and then awakens you from your savasana (after which we OM.)

8. Rest

You are encouraged to take a break whenever you need one! Whatever the rest of the class is doing, whatever the teacher is calling out, you are encouraged to rest when you determine that would make your class better.

9. No Music

There is no music in the studio space. The class is taught in silence. The reason is that music is distracting from self-awareness. If you like the song, you’ll be focused on that. If you don’t like the song, you’ll be focused on that, too. Silence allows you to stay completely present.

10. Safe Haven

In Bull City Yoga, we strive to create a place where you feel safe to do some self-study. If you feel strong and want to try an adventurous new pose, we hope you feel supported to do so. If you are having a low-energy day and need to take lots of breaks, we encourage you to do that.

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