7 Reasons to not be afraid to try Power Yoga at Bull City Yoga

sometimes there are popsicles. just sayin’

bullcityyoga.com 118W. Parrish St. Durham, NC 27701

  1. We talk you through it.

    My teachers and I clearly describe each pose to you, as well as work our way from simple poses to the more complex poses, so you have the informational building blocks you need as you move through class.

  2. You can take a break whenever you want.

    Sometimes trying something new is overwhelming. No problem! And even though breaks are built into the class, we encourage you to take a break whenever you need one (no matter what the rest of the class is doing.)

  3. Every pose is optional.

    If one of my teachers or I offers a pose that you find outlandinsh, unattainable, silly, or uncomfortable in any way, we will offer you other options to get a similar benefit, or encourage you to simply take a break.

  4. It’s free.

    Seriously. Come try it for FREE. That’s got to make anything less scary! No financial risk!

  5. There are all kinds of bodies in the room.

    We service yogis of every size, shape, color, and age. Please, please, don’t picture a room full of laser-cut abs. We don’t look like that. We look like everyone else. We look like you!

  6. I’m very nice.

    For real. I love teaching yoga. I love creating a nice environment for you to either challenge yourself or nurture yourself. I don’t yell anything like, “push it” or that nonsense. You’ll like me 😉

  7. It’s more fun than going to the gym.

    Going to the gym might seem less scary, but believe me, Power Yoga is way more fun! The time flies as you breath, sweat, and try new poses; laugh, rest, and meditate. A lot fits in to 1hr and 15 minutes of yoga! And though it is challenging, it is also a lot of fun 🙂

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