Yelp’s Girls’ Night Out!

Oh, my precious dollfaces, it has been toooo long! I’ve been dying to tell you about this wonderful event that set up with Bull City Yoga! Yelp is a really cool website where you review local business with a social media type spin, too. I actually found out about Yelp when they joined the 1st Annual Alison Hinks Yoga Bull City Christmas Costume Pub Crawl! So we go way back.


Yelp’s Christina set up a week of Girls’ Nights Out at different local businesses, and Bull City Yoga got to be on the ticket!


It was a great mix of women, from the experienced to the uninitiated, and there was lots of sweat and laughter to go around!


Plus, Christina brought logs of SWAG!


It was a really special Saturday 🙂 Go check out Yelp and see how cool it is!

4 thoughts on “Yelp’s Girls’ Night Out!

    1. Oh yeah! One year, we accidentally had it the same night as a Santa Costume Pub Crawl so we merged forces! It was awesome! I guess this year it will be the Bull City Yoga Bull City Christmas Costume Pub Crawl…but that seems a little redundant 😉

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