Our Town (but not the crappy play by the same name)

When I moved to Durham 8 years ago, their was whisper of a downtown revolution.

My employers at the time poo-pooed this, telling me these whispers had been whispering for 20 years, to no avail.

And downtown remained a bombed-out husk.

Fast-forward: the city of Durham revitalized the streets and sidewalks, planted trees and added a free bus route (all to no little controversy) and the downtown area became more accessible and more attractive to business owners.

Garages became music venues, breweries, and restaurants. Boarded up store-fronts blossomed into bistros and bars. There is even an adorable vintage shop, two pharmacies, and two bakeries (no, wait, THREE!).

You can actually stroll downtown now for a cup of coffee and a nice afternoon out.

My favorite thing about my town is the FOOD. The farmers’ market on Saturdays is steadily growing, and now includes an entire fleet of food trucks to grab some iced coffee or lunch!

And it is in this atmosphere of growth and excitement that I’m opening Bull City Yoga. It’s kind of amazing.

Growth and excitement, sure, but also the spirit that we’re all in this together. Everyone wants Durham to succeed in its revitalization; business owners and residents alike. We want to help each other and watch each other flourish, because, you see, a rising tide raises all boats. ❤

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