New Faces

I met the nicest young ladies on Friday at the studio. Meredith and Brittany were excited, funny, thoughtful and have some great stuff going on in their lives! One of which is that they both keep lovely blogs you should check out. Here are some excerpts which mention their experience at Bull City Yoga!

From Meredith…

5:20ish :: Britt and I finally got to meet Alison, the yoga instructor at Bull City Yoga. We signed in, set our mats up, and I mentally started preparing for the class. I had no idea what to expect and was hoping I could keep up!

JUST POWER YOGA. NO BULL. (love that!)

5:45 :: class officially began with an “OM.” I was nervous and excited… it was my first ever yoga class and oh my goodness I loved it! It was challenging, sweaty, stretchy, and oddly relaxing.

Meet my mat (and the pretty lime green walls!)

6:50ish :: The savasana signaled the end of class was near. I was so calm and relaxed and felt great after pushing my body so hard. And the lavender eye pillows? Ingenious!  I highly recommend Bull City Yoga to any beginner, intermediate, or advanced yogis! It was an excellent experience and Alison was great! I am definitely going back in the future! (AKA- next Friday :)

7:10 :: I left the building feeling so energized and happy! And a little impressed with myself for making it through a power yoga class for the first time ;)

From Brittany…
Bull City Yoga was awesome!! It was my first yoga class in “public”. And it was fantabulous! I was actually familiar with more of the poses than I thought. Afterward, I felt energized, centered, and very happy! I would absolutely recommend Alison & her studio. First off – it’s so stinkin’ adorable. And secondly – the class was great for a range of practice “levels” – beginner, intermediate, & hard core yoga peeps. Thirdly – I mean really, she has great design taste and she makes up words like me! “Tinily” is so in my vocab now. Ooh – another awesome point goes to the studio being located next to a photography studio!!! I could see the reflectors & their lighting set up. Eep! I know I’m stoppin’ by again soon!

I am thankful for: scented eye pillows with their own little baby eye pillow cases! (Found exclusively at Bull City Yoga!)


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