What it will be like: Bull City Yoga

You’ve just finished your work day. You’re feeling boxed in, tense, and at the end of your rope. So you drive on over to Bull City Yoga.

You pull into the parking deck on Foster Street, right around the corner and on the same block as BCY. You will take a parking ticket from the automatic dispenser, but by the time you come out of the garage, the attendent will have gone home and there will be no charge for parking. FREE PARKING!

You enter the building through the front door on W. Parrish Street and walk up to the third (top) floor to Bull City Yoga. I’ll be sitting at the desk in the lounge area and I offer you a gracious hello! You can pay with cash, card, or check the $15 to take class. Your first class is free! If you’re ready to commit, you can pay $470 for an unlimited six months of classes, or $890 for an unlimited year of classes.

You spend a few minutes in the lounge area unwinding from the day, checking out some yoga reading material and sinking into our comfy couch or chairs. You can chat with other students or keep to yourself: whichever you prefer. When you are ready, you can borrow a mat and a towel from the studio free of charge. Cubbies are inside the studio, and you tuck your valuables away with full confidence that no stranger will mess with them during class. (Cell phones off, of course!)

You pick out your spot in the studio space and get a quick savasana in. The room is full and you are close to your neighbors (the better to heat the studio with, my pretties!) The room is warm (between 80 and 90 degrees) and the lighting is soft. The spring-green stripe around the base of the studio gives you an option for your driste (focus) and brings some breath of the outside in!

5:45 rolls around and I enter on time, because I know you are busy people with lives to lead outside the studio! I lead you through an hour and fifteen minutes of sweaty, challenging, grunt-worthy power yoga. You appreciate how each class brings a new sequence of poses, new themes, and new ideas. The absence of music lessens the stimulation in the room so you can focus on your body and your ujaii (victorious) breath. It also gives you a break from a day full of sensory input from all directions!

By the end of class, you feel as though you have truly earned your rest. Lying on a mat on a hardwood floor never felt so good! I turn the lights down, bring you a lavender-filled eyepillow, and turn on the fans. The cool air ripples across your warm body and you float away into  an eternity of a savasana.

My soft voice brings you back to the room. We make the sound of OM together and bow to each other, saying namaste. You walk out of the room at exactly 7pm. I won’t keep you even five minutes longer.

You collect your things from your cubby and float out of the studio, rejuvenated and excited to come back tomorrow!

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