How it came to be

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I know, I kinda sprung this on you and then didn’t explain at all, right?? Bad Ali. I appologize.

So let me tell you all about how I got to this point!

Actually, I’ve been looking at spaces in Downtown Durham for years, but none of them seemed to work. I actually looked at my current spot 6 months ago and I think it was fear that kept me from pulling the trigger. Then, I was perusing the intertron, and this space pops up again, and it all clicks: I am ready to do this.

My whole life I’ve been looking for something to pour myself into; a project that I could nurture and coax and grow from an idea to a real life whatzit. I just can’t tell you, my dollfaces, how happy this makes me!

Right now I’m working on getting the space all snazzified and ready for folks. I’ve painted a gorgeous spring green stripe around the base of the wall, I’ve had a seemingly endless parade of goodies mailed to the studio (cubbies, desks, rugs, mats, and ON and ON) and a giant pile of cardboard grows frighteningly tall in the center of the room.

I hope to open this summer, but no official timeline is set. What IS set is the schedule: Monday- Friday 5:45-7pm. As soon as I find out more about when we can open, I’ll let you know!



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