Day of Emotional Rescue Yoga July 28, 2012!

I’m proud to announce the 2nd annual Day of Emotional Rescue Yoga!

Who: You and Alison Hinks

What: Emotional Rescue Yoga

When: 9am-7pm Saturday

Where: Stone Circles, NC

Why: yoga for loss/change

How: $115 by June 30

Emotional Rescue Yoga is yoga for loss or change in your life. It is a very accessible form a yoga for people at any fitness level. During the Day of Emotional Rescue Yoga, we will journal, partake in guided meditations, do restorative yoga, and get massage-like assists.

There is no requirement to share or even name what your particular loss is with the rest of the group. There will be no partner exercises or group discussions. The day is meant to nurture you and help you look at your loss/change in a safe environment, and privately.

The day will be led by Alison Hinks, creator of Emotional Rescue Yoga, and local author, artist, and registered yoga teacher. You will be fed two delicious vegetarian, soy-free, gluten-free meals. (Even meat lovers have been impressed!) There will be free time as well, to enjoy the gorgeous property of Stone Circles.

for more info and to sign up, go to

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