Project Yogagain: Wrap up!

I went to the Led Primary series at Ashtanga Yoga Club on Saturday.

I was so excited.

But, I had an onset of benign positional vertigo which basically means I get the stone-sober drunk spins.

Yeah. It sucked.

I ended up leaving early and having a pretty miserable morning because of it.

So what a good time to wrap up Project Yogagain!

Wait…what? you say. Ali, are you done yogaining??

Ah, no. But i figured if this didn’t put me off yoga, nothing will!

I’ve gained my momentum and my excitement for yoga again, and I’m not going to let that flit off into the ether just because I got so dizzy I puked like a pitiful sick cat.

Again: It sucked.

I can’t believe that I’ve found that in just two weeks of experiementation!

I’m sure Project Yogagain with come back with updates every once in a while, but for now, we’re all wrapped up!


Tell Ali all about it!

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