Project Yogagain: Day 3!

mural by Laura Farrow

Day 3 was the best day so far.

I took the Led Primary series at Ashtanga Yoga Club Durham.

Holy smokes, I’ll be back!

Suzanne Faulkner and her husband Nikos host the club in their gorgeous attic studio for donation or exchange, and I freaking loved it.

Suzanne catches me creepin’ on her house

Now before you run down to take a class or participate in a Mysore session, just please remember that Ashtanga isn’t exactly the cuddliest yoga. There are no comforting words, no breaks, no explanations. We’re just doing freakin’ yoga here, people. So I suggest the club for experienced Ashtangis or Power Yogis only.

Alright,  disclaimer out of the way…THIS WAS AWESOME. THIS is what I needed. I totally found my groove. Ali got her groove back, y’all! I felt alive, engaged, present, and athletic in a way I haven’t felt in ages. Sigh! I can’t WAIT to go back!

The club prides themselves on being “the real deal,” meaning, they subscribe to the Ashtanga series just as taught by Pattabhi Jois. They have guest teachers come in to expand their knowledge. They also seem like a welcoming group of nice folks who love Ashtanga and want to have a good time 🙂

And bonus: THEY OWN TWO CHIHUAHUAS. Done. I’m done. 🙂

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