Ten silly things about me on a Thursday

photo by Erin Kawamata

  1. I just love grills located inside of gas stations. Or beer stores located inside of gas stations. Or any non-gas station thing that is stripped of any dignity and put inside a gas station and still maintains its core awesomeness.
  2. I love abandoned buildings. Abandoned houses are good, abandoned municipal buildings are better, and abandoned churches are the BEST.
  3. I like watching movies by myself, but not usually with other people.
  4. My favorite cake is still the chocolate beet cake my sister-in-law made me 2 years ago for my birthday. You see, I don’t have a favorite flavor, I have a favorite specific one cake ever.
  5. Tiny cars make me giggle. But tiny cars with very large people in them are awesome!
  6. When I doodle, the first thing I start with is always skull.
  7. I rarely wore pink as a kid. I think I wanted to be tough. Now I love the color because I know I’m tough.
  8. I like all kinds of coffee, but when I’m by myself I drink it in a secret, disgusting way.
  9. I don’t love child’s pose.
  10. I DO love half moon!

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