Dress to feel great, even if you’re not at fighting weight

I’ve mentioned that I’m getting to love my new shape, and so I thought I’d share some of my amazing style knowledge! You see, I love yoga, but another hobby of mine is fashion, as you can tell by my reading list. 🙂 Also, I’ve seen, like, every episode of “What Not to Wear.” And what’s more “yogic” than loving yourself in the present moment? I say: nothing. Okay, first: the DON’Ts…

1. No ankle straps

Ankle straps cut the beautiful long line of your leg off way too soon. It’s a shame, too, because lots of cute shoes have ankle straps. Be strong. Just say “no!”

2. No boatnecks

Even on this tall, thin model, the boatneck is fighting her. It widens rather than lengthens your shape. Especially unflattering on ladies with an ample bosom.

3. No T-shirts down over your butt

If you’re not feeling great about your body, this is a very tempting thing to do. But don’t do it. Sure, it’s unflattering, but mostly it says “I have no idea how to dress my body and I feel like crap.” Don’t tell people that with your wardrobe.

4. No waist-less shapes

If (like me) you have a belly where you didn’t have one before, this can be very tempting. But don’t do this; don’t add bulk where there really isn’t any.

Now, the DO’s! 🙂

1. Slingbacks

A shape just as easy to find as ankle straps, but twice as flattering. And I think, more comfortable.

2. Waist-cinching shapes

Even if your waist is a different size than it once was, you’ll feel like a million bucks by accentuating where it is now. Fit and flare skirts, as well as belts are great examples of this.

3. Flattering necklines

Even if you mess up the rest of your look, a flattering neckline can save it! V-necks and princess necklines are both easy to find and flattering.

4. Hair & Makeup

Do your hair and make-up. You’ll feel pretty. Duh.

5. Sparkly Sparkly

Like the Queen, wear something sparkly. Wear jewelry. Wear something with sequins. You’re as beautiful as your sparklies no matter what your size.

Tell Ali all about it!

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