One thought on “When?

  1. Alison, your infographic on YOGA is being discussed thus;

    -Re: AAR’s role in yoga digestion and the straw-man of Hindutva-

    I uploaded a family-tree like image of the history of Yoga for internal viewing
    of the group only. author is cited as Ms Alison Hinks. would a person with
    knowledge in this area validate the general accuracy of this depiction to ensure
    that no wrong portrayal of Indian heritage is taking place.

    kindly note: if anyone plans to use this in any presentation, please take the
    author’s permission to avoid any copyright issues. her online address is on the
    bottom right of the picture.

    thanks, Subra.S.

    Rajiv comment: I have seen this diagram before. It is incomplete, i.e. it leaves
    major gaps in influence. The gaps seem to indicate that various modern gurus who
    are well known in the west started magically out of thin air. But when I
    personally interviewed BKS Iyengar and Yogi Amrit Desai (among the modern
    gurus), they emphasized that they belonged to a lineage going back to
    traditional yoga. The gap in such diagrams is partly out of ignorance and partly
    in serves a strategic purpose not to go back all the way.

    Such gaps then serve as “opportunity” for Singleton type scholarship to try and
    claim that the gaps should be connected to western sources. Thats the “aha”
    moment when digestion gets completed – a Western history is found and then it
    gets propagated fiercely. Note how aggressive the Wilber movement has become in
    just the past 5-10 years in such digestion.”

    If you would like to participate and clarify, this discussion is at Yahoo Groups and the group name is RajivMalhotraDisccusion

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