Yoga tattoos


YES. I knew I could find someone with the whole set of chakras tattooed on ’em!

An exquisite hanuman, if I do say so.

A well-placed chakra tattoo!


This is just gorgeous. A great placement and size, too!


Love the white ink on this one. And, it’s a knee!

Not usually one for B&W, but this is pretty 🙂

5 thoughts on “Yoga tattoos

  1. Hi Ali, I came across your site while researching chakra tattoo’s for my next piece, and thought i would let you know what i know of Hamsa. The Hamsa that I know is a version of the mantra So Ham, So ham means I am THAT, and Hamsa means THAT I am, THAT meaning God, the universe or wharever your inclination for the higher power is, Hamsa is also the sanskrit word for swan, which in Hindu mythology has the ability to drink only milk from a water and milk combination leaving only the water, this represents the ability that we all have to discriminate between choosing good from bad, right from wrong, or spirituality from worldly life

Tell Ali all about it!

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