My Belly

When I was doing power yoga six days a week, I had quite a flat little tummy.

Since I’ve been teaching more (and then not teaching, and then not practicing, either) I’ve developed a little belly, and me and my belly are learning how to get along.

It’s hard.

My belly isn’t my  favorite person in the world. It gets in the way in twists. It makes my pants fit funny. It’s the most prominent symbol of how my body has changed in the year since losing my first yoga community.

In class, other students are learning how to adjust to their growing strength. I’m learning how to accept my lost strength. My belly has given me a whole new identity. I’m no longer a brick-house yoga teacher. I’m a beginner again.

It’s hard.

For a handful of reasons, I don’t think that yoga in a studio 6 days a week is going to be an option. I came up with a list of other things that I know don’t work for me. (You see, I’ve been here before.)

  • Counting. Anything. Calories or points or WHATEVER.
  • Getting yelled at by a coach/trainer/teacher to “push it.”
  • Running–unless being chased.
  • A gym or YMCA.
  • A non-yoga workout that lasts longer than 30-40 minutes. (I get distracted by shiny objects)

Well, well, well, don’t WEEEEE have a lot of NEEEEEDS??? 🙂 Yes, yes I do. I know from experience these things make me miserable in any context, and I am not going to mess with them.

I’m going to stay positive, do yoga, and learn to love my belly.

Now, for your reading pleasure, some of my favorite healthy living blogs…

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Hm, I really like my healthy living with dogs on the side. 🙂

12 thoughts on “My Belly

  1. Love this… Thanks for sharing your story and inspiring others who may be living similar life stories. I must have missed your writing about you leaving yoga for a bit and just now read through it. There’s so much right with your approach and by simply making conscious choices in the moment you are creating magic. The good news is even though you may not be in a fancy asana or on a yoga mat as much as you were, you’re still doing yoga… you’re still living yoga… and by living with intention and embracing a yogic approach to life the way you do, you’re sending out good energy that inspires and transforms… Thank you Ali.

    1. John. Thank you so much. It is a little scary to start sharing this part of me with everyone, but your comment just gave me this big, WHOOSH, of confirmation that it’s okay. Not only that it’s okay, but maybe, maybe, someone else is hearing it that can benefit. 🙂

      So, thank YOU too 🙂

  2. non-yoga workout that lasts LESS than 30 minutes:, especially their older, archived work-outs with the original instructor, Zuzana. She now has her own youtube channel under the name Zuzka Light. My favorite non-yoga non-gym-totally-free-changes-all-the-time-so-I-don’t-get-bored workout resource, that is what I have just shared with you. 😉

  3. The best way to love your belly is to get a cute boy or puppy to rest their head on it. Then giggle and watch them bounce. Then swap places. People with flat stomachs cannot play this game, adn they are (I imagine) jealous.

  4. I just read your recent blog “leading by example”…then read like 5 others that were linked to that one 🙂 I love the way you write, and how you are completely honest with yourself! what better way to follow your heart? so inspiring to read!

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