Top 5 non-yoga blogs I follow

1. Sea of Shoes

Jane is barely an adult, but she has a better and bigger collection of shoes than you. Also, her new apartment is nicer than yours. Check out her semi-annual trips to Japan.

2. Tom & Lorenzo: Fabulous and Opinionated

This is my go-to. This is where I get my fashion news and where I’ve developed my love of project runway without having watched an episode. They cover red-carpet events and if you don’t measure up to their fashion standards, they’ll rip you a new one.

3. Advanced Style

The fashionable old ladies of New York City.

4. Mint Design Blog

My famous friend Ellie’s blog about design, art, fun products, delicious food, and her AMAZING shop. (Oh, BTW, I drew the rollover images for her nav bar!)

5. Aziz is Bored

Aziz Asnari’s (comedian) simple blog. He posts silly vids, tour dates, Parks & Recreation memes, and other fun/funny business.


So you see, I’m not all yoga, all the time! In fact, looking at these blogs that I love, I really like wacky fashion. Not really a surprise, should you ever see me in person…;) Happy Tuesday!

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