8 keys to writing an excellent blog (or, how to write an AWESOME BLOG)

I’ve been thinking about this post for over a year, and thinking about it daily! I believe some of these ideas are re-mixed ideas from Tim Ferriss, an unbelievable blogger. If you really want to get into science and statistics of clicks, go visit Tim; he’s a powerhouse. He also has some great videos on the subject. If you’re a blogger, he’ll blow ya mind.

I came to blogging with a very specific vision, and I am a fan of lots of types of blogs: design blogs, healthy living blogs, cute-animal blogs, tiny house blogs, fashion blogs, and craft blogs. What keeps me into a blog is not just the subject matter, but the manner of blogging. 

So after a year+ of studying what makes a great blog, I present to you:

How to write an AWESOME BLOG

1. Content: Quality, not Quantity

(I know I stole this idea from Tim, I know I did. It’s just really wise.) The thing is, unless you are a full-time blogger, you probably don’t have the patience or resources to blog everyday. Or, dear God, more than once a day. Sheesh.

Instead, create quality content. Better yet, become the only place on the internet to GET that content. For example: my blog is the ONLY place on the whole interwebs that has such an extensive collection of original yoga infographics. Folks MUST come on over if that’s their interest.

So take your time, make awesome content, and post it when you’re ready.

2. Stick to a schedule

Ah ha, do as I say, not as I do!

Most big-league bloggers post at least once Monday-Friday. Again, this is not necessary (see #1) but creating a reliable schedule for your posts is nothing to sneeze at. It is possible to lose fans by not giving them that little cocaine hit that your blog posts offer. My famous friend Ellie always posts recipes on Wednesdays. Reliable. Expected. Addicted. Er…

3. Be yourself, and Be Brave

First of all, let’s be clear: this does NOT mean rambling on for hours about every little detail of your life/yoga practice/boyfriend/drama. In fact, please don’t do that. I for one, am not intersted in that business.

What I mean is, find your own voice. Just as in teaching yoga, you don’t have to dilute yourself into the greater blogosphere. I bet that doesn’t even work. Your own quirky tastes and interests are what make your blog stick out from the crowd.

So be brave, and as you create excellent content, let yourself be seen!

4. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

I read books without pictures, but I ain’t gonna read a blog without pictures. I just won’t. I won’t even read one entry that is missing a picture.

Humans are extremely visual creatures. So give them something to latch onto, visually. There are lots of sources for royalty-free images, but better yet, take/draw your own visual content.

Also, keep your pictures of the same width as often as humanly possible.

5. Create sub-categories

You’ve probably noticed, I have “Quotation Inspiration,” “The State of Yoga” and “Book Review” as categories on this here blog. Instead of facing down a big white page and a blinking cursor, I have established categories in which to create. It’s like instant inspiration. My buddy Tim Ferriss* has a lo-fi TV show he does with his friend every once and a while.

Plus, sub-categories ad nuance and interest for your readers.

6. Bullet Points and Lists

I actually believe this is almost exactly like including pictures: it creates visual interest, as well as clearly dividing up your information to make it easier to read.

7. Don’t be afraid to be titillating 

Sex sells. Perhaps I’m just a sexy person, but I’m a sucker for this.

Did you see my recent post “Soft, open bodies?” I could have easily named that post “Two perspectives on fear,” but I didn’t. It was a choice. Did you see the pic I used for the post “Back in the Saddle?” On purpose.

No shame in that.

Titillation doesn’t need to be about sex, either: just think of ways to grab attention and draw folks into your posts.

8. Stop selling

Lots of folks have blogs as a way to “maximize their selling potential.” This is fine. But no one will read a blog that only ever tries to sell them something.

Rather, offer to your readers. What can you give them for free on your blog that makes them want to buy the product you sell?

And to this I say: see #’s 1-7! Huzzah! Now you’re an awesome blogging expert!


*our buddyship pending an actual meeting

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