My 10 minute practice

This is not a post on some kind of magic way to take a 1.5 hour practice, smush it up and get all the benefits in just 10 minutes.

(I doubt that’s reliable. If I ever post that, don’t believe me.)

Nope, this post has more to do with that baby up there. He’s just a cute little tot lifting a barbell and feeling strong. 10 minutes is the heaviest barbell I can lift right now. I don’t turn off NPR. I don’t put on special yoga clothes. Sometimes my dog comes over and I pet her.

After I wrote the post “Losing My Religion,” I got a deluge of kind comments and emails that just made me feel so happy and loved, and kinda interested in one suggestion I got three times:

practice at home and just do your own thing. 

So I’m setting the bar low. I’m trying out a 10 minute practice.

4 thoughts on “My 10 minute practice

  1. Awesome! Best thing I ever did to get back on the yoga train was develop a home practice. It’s the perfect space to cut your self some slack and spend 10 minutes in frog and call it done.

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