Ali’s little instruction book

  1. Never put the clothes iron above your head or in place where you can fall onto it.
  2. Take an orange to eat on an airplane. It’s a great perfume to release into that dingy little space.
  3. Don’t buy any clothing made of polar fleece.
  4. Listening to inspiration is more important that cleaning the house. BUT cleaning the house can reveal important inspiration.
  5. Spend as little time in malls as possible.
  6. Never, never allow your car to run out of gas. Not worth the trouble.
  7. When you crave a piece of pizza, eat it immediately.
  8. Choose a house only so big that you can heat it easily and cheaply.
  9. Getting shushed is a good reason to break up with someone.
  10. Don’t be afraid of adult novelty stores.  They make the world a better place.

2 thoughts on “Ali’s little instruction book

  1. This is well-timed: I tried to withstand a pizza craving for three days last week and i was in a foul mood. lo and behold, on the fourth day there was pizza, and it cheered me right up (served with a double-bill of Big Bang Theory).

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