Guest Post: Dance Through Life by Allison Brooks

Ali here to start! I was approached by another Allie, if you can believe it, and she wrote this piece of Nia Dance, a practice I’ve never tried, so I was interested in hearing about it! Take it away, Allie!

Dance Through Life by Allison Brooks

In the everyday hustle and bustle it is easy to forget how beautiful life, nature, and all their interactions are. But now with the new dance experience, NIA Dance, every movement of the human body is captured and signified as movement. Nia Dance literally means, Neuromuscular Integrative Action, but it is easier and more fun, just to refer it as way to dance through or with life. It is a perfect way to release stress, express yourself, and revive the mind+body connection. Plus, you don’t have to be a choreographed dancer to prefect the movements. The ideas for each movement come from the individual, so whatever you feel, you do; which is great for people, like me, that are dance-challenged.

Nia Dance is unlike anything else. Dance crazes (like Zumba and Dance Revolution) inspire people to get up and move around, but Nia Dance invites the person to move in any which way they feel motivated. The revived connection with the mind, body, and spirit is what makes the movement, while the interaction with nature and the body inspires the movement. Since there is no skill set involved, Nia Dance is a complete way to become aware of your body and let go of your consciousness.

During a session, a group will listen to earthy sounds and worldly music. The soul-stirring sounds weave together silence and sound, and action and inaction. At points, movements are slow or still, while others are playful and jumpy. The sequence of the movements and sounds allow for people to become more aware of their conscious movements and understand that every movement of the body is a form of dance. This makes Nia a personalized dance and allows for people to appreciate their gift of life and individualism.

Though Nia Dance promotes a healthy lifestyle, its main focus is to empower everyone to look within and reconnect with themselves and nature. Instructors believe that every person can discover, explore, and unleash their individual potential of life.  By engaging with senses and understanding their bodies, Nia Dancers can improve their confidence, health, and well-being. Many Nia Dancer participants understand the benefits of the dance, and many groups are made regarding a specific illness. Many breast cancer patients and survivors have Nia Dance groups, and the trend is spilling over into other cancer realms, like non-hodgkin’s lymphoma or mesothelioma. It is a great way to release the stresses and pains of treatment while having a fun time with friends.

Tell Ali all about it!

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