Cricket, cricket.

Whoa, y’all, where have I been? I left you all alone throughout the long holiday season, with no silly yoga talk or infographics. Did you make it? Are you okay?

This is where I was.

I made a dress form (that my neighbor had to cut off of me)…

I made a dress…

We had the 2nd Annual Alison Hinks Yoga Christmas Costume Pub Crawl…

The dogs got gussied up…

And I discovered my love of turning toys into skeletons.

All in all, a pretty good few months. How are you, dollfaces??


3 thoughts on “Cricket, cricket.

  1. Love the dress and costume pub crawl! Totally going to start that New Years tradition next year here in Colorado 😀 Glad your 2012 is off to a great start!

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