Crowdsourcing: Da Blog

As {{shudder}} winter approaches, I find myself soothed by cool greens and blues, and I’m gonna change my blog colors to reflect that. Hopefully all that good-mojo will carry me through and none of you will have to meet…”Cranky Ali.”

So Dollfaces, do you have an opinion? Which design do you wanna look at as faithful reader-types?? What will keep you soothed and relaxed as we head into winter months?





Corollary question: what keeps your spirits up through winter outside of great design? šŸ˜‰

9 thoughts on “Crowdsourcing: Da Blog

  1. i like 2 and 1 (i like ’em all really.) i think 2 is good because while being wintery (in icy color) it is reminiscent of that case, 4 is good too. aaah! i’m no help.

  2. love #3 and #4.
    i drink lots of cider, chai, and hot chocolate (w/ obscene amounts of whipped cream). also love sweaters so much that i start wearing them before it’s cold enough to warrant putting on something thick and cozy.

    1. Wow, I really like your winter survival techniques! Honestly, I feel good just reading the words “cider chai hot chocolate whipped cream” A PLAN IS FORMED! ā¤

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