Brendan James Ward of James-James

Oh hai. Did you know that two of Durham’s best graphic designers are married to each other? Ellie (my famous friend) and Brendan James Ward. And to answer your burning question: yes, their house is awesome.

Ellie specializes in: wedding invites, packaging, and stationary

Brendan excels at: logos, posters and ad campaigns

Brendan is going freelance, baybee! Which means he is now available to you and yours. Which is kind of amazing, since he’s really a top pro in his field. You can get the full force of his amazingness and his untethered imagination all for your own! Holy cow!

I love Brendan because he is excited, funny, and very kind. And he does a voice for his dog that really is just perfect 🙂 Even if you don’t have any designing needs right now, both of these folks have super fun websites to check out. Happy Friday, Dolls!

yoga Durham

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