Top 10 Popular All-time Posts

1. Book Review: Lisey’s Story Ha ha! This post has nothing to do with yoga. It’s a book reivew of a Stephen King novel!

2. Some fun yoga tattoos some really lovely tattoos from around the interwebs with a yoga theme

3. Governing a short poem I wrote

4. Cheat sheet for new yoga teachers some basic info for new teachers that I would have loved to have

5. It’s not you, it’s me. Lululemon is just a profitable clothing company, nothing more.

6. 4 rules of finding love and keeping it by Erin My genius friend and her Valentine’s Day guest-post

7. How to discover your yoga teaching niche A worksheet to help you find your spesh-ee-all-eet-ay

8. Business model: yoga teacher as employee A breakdown of how it can be financially viable to hire a teacher as an employee, and not a contractor

9. Yoga Teacher Minimum Wage My Norma Rae post. Get up, stand up, and get paid what you’re worth

10. “Core” No More: 10 Reasons to stop using the word “Core” by David Nowotny My Masters-degree-in-exercise-physiology friend BEGS fitness and yoga teachers to abandon the vague term “core”

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