My Oprah-style gratitude journal post

1. My dogs remembered the command for “lie down” even though we only worked on it once, and months ago at that.

2. My smartphone that looks like Eve from Wall-e in all its ridiculous, modern connectivity.

3. “Criminal Minds” for helping become a better profiler.

4. Pay-at-the-pump. (C’mon, that is awesome.)

5. That guy with the Southern accent so strong I only catch about 30% of his meaning will take a laugh and a nod in exchange for words.

6. Frozen burritos.

7. My matching harvest gold oven and refrigerator and sparkly laminate counter-tops — came with the house.

8. The $1.99 tray of kid’s watercolors that has become my favorite creative medium.

9. The turquoise and yellow skull earrings someone got me for her wedding.

10. Friends who have my back beyond all reason.

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