My 2nd favorite wedding photographer

My first favorite, of course, is Heather of Wander and Scrawl.

Today Heather’s wedding shots are being featured over there on Caroline’s blog.

I want to say more about this, except…

I am stuck dumb.

You’re verbose friend is laid verbless at the memory of this



tearful, (I’m crying in most of the shots)


I’m just going to wander through the humid frosting of sunlight in these beautiful pics.

Jeez, I love Heather and Andy.

2 thoughts on “My 2nd favorite wedding photographer

  1. Humid frosting of sunlight… wow.

    There are no words to describe my adoration for Caroline Ghetes and her husband. As newlyweds, there is but one appropriate act remaining, to fully express our true gratitude: Matching Caroline Ghetes tattoos.

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