Get up, stand up

This weekend I got to stand up for Heather as her best girl in her wedding to one Mr. Andy. Now she’s Mrs. Andy.

It was a complete and total honor. I did a pretty good job, even though her only request was for a banana and then I dropped it and rolled over it with my suitcase before getting it to her. I’ll never not feel bad about that.  😦

Heather is my sister from another mister. I was dubious that ANYONE would be good enough for her, so I’m proud to say I totally approve of Andy.

Andy made me laugh so hard that I spit water all over a friend standing a solid three feet away. And about every month or so, Heather tells me a story about Andy that is so sweet, so touching, so UNBELIEVABLE that I inevitably yell, “Who IS that guy!?”

Here is the toast I made at Heather’s bridal hurricane at the bar with no power and Irene threatening to steal our hats. It’s starts out, “I have a love story. It’s about two people…” (Thanks to Erin Kawamata for the video!)

2 thoughts on “Get up, stand up

  1. Oh, Ali. I asked so much more of you than a banana…
    Thank you for being you – for the being the VERY best Best Gal – for bringing wit and charm to our ceremony – for being a bride-catcher, an emergency hugger and for tolerating this bridezilla for a whole weekend of Savannah shenanigans. We couldn’t have pulled it off without you. XOXOXOXOXOXOX

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