If I pave my streets with good times

There’s a plane and I am flying.
There’s a mountain waiting for me.

Oh these years have been so trying…
I don’t know if I can use them.

Am I strong enough
To be the one?
Will I live to have some children?

If I only knew the answer
And If all our days are numbered
Then why do I keep counting?

My sugar sweet is………………………so attainable.

This behavior……………………..so unexplainable.

The days just slip and slide
Like they always did.
The trouble is my head
Won’t let me forget.

I took one last good look around
(So many unusual sounds)
I gotta get my feet on the ground.

If I change my way of living?
And If I pave my streets with good times?
Will the mountain keep on giving?

And if all of our days are numbered,
Then why do I keep counting?

-The Killers

basically I could eat this whole album with a spoon, as had been mentioned before 🙂 And no, unexplainable is NOT a word, and I love it. Ima gonna start using it in conversation.

Tell Ali all about it!

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