Our little love affair

Me and Heather kinda can’t get over each other.

You’ve seen how awesome her pics are, but might I wax poetic about how fun she is to work with?

So. Fun.

It seems like you’re just kinda hanging out, giggling and joking, and once in a while she fiddles with a flash or her camera. And then, low and behold, she shows me these crazy-ass amazing pieces of art that seemed to have blossom from said goofing around. She is a stealth artist.

These pics were superfun because we went tromping (and you know how much I love tromping) around in a park after a thunderstorm at dusk with the lighting bugs and the fireflies, the bullfrogs and the twigs that look like snakes in the thin light.

Henna work by Stephanie Baselice

My doggies even came on the adventure!

from Heather:

The Triangle is rich with yoga. The spaces are enchanting, the teachers are diverse and the options are endless. Fortunately, there’s one girl in particular who made the world of yoga very easy to navigate. Her name is Alison Hinks. In addition to being a gifted instructor in yoga, meditation and the art of healing, Ali is also the author of a continually inventive blog

She has done you great favors by searching high and low to condense all the Triangle has to offer in the ways of yoga into one, easy-to-follow guide. Actually, she took it a step further and gave you multiple guides according to region (Durham, Raleigh, etc.).

If you ask me, it’s kind of a masterpiece.

If you live in the Triangle and you want some yoga in your life, anything you want to know is here – if new students get a free class to whether the studio fancies chanting. Check out Alison Hinks’ YOGA STUDIO DIRECTORY.

Ali is a visionary in my book.

She’s forward thinking, back bending and drop dead gorgeous.  In addition to being a great friend, an inspiring teacher and relentless supporter – Ali is my muse.

Heather has just posted her brand-spanking new yoga portfolio (under “portraits.”) There are some more of yours truly, but also some other local yogis you may recognize, as well as goregous still-lifes and landscapes!

5 thoughts on “Our little love affair

    1. It might have to be a quadrangle. Because I was telling a story to Erin and I said your name and Erin said, “oh, I like her!” But before I could continue she had to correct herself: “No. I love her.” ❤

  1. YES – Quadrangle of righteous babes! So much love for Ali in her magic red pants. It’s so refreshing to have a friend and model as fearless as you are. Righteous babes 4 EVA.

  2. On tromping experiences: Aren’t “lighting” bugs and fireflies the same thing?

    Great pics. But I think I may be biased towards the subject.

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