A strong little peapod

It’s in my sadder moments

I think we are just way too delicate for all this.

Then up from that grows

A tiny blossom

A quiet little thought

A strong little peapod:

“May as well have some fun!”

One thought on “A strong little peapod

  1. Hi Alison –

    Along those lines, I was wondering if I could ask you a karmic-ly beneficial favor 😉 I need a little help with some peapods and I think you maybe be able to assist. There’s a rural village in Alaska that’s experiencing some sadder moments, but my friend is trying to build a message of hope. “1000 Cranes for Alaska” – http://dressedfordancing.wordpress.com/2011/06/13/1000-cranes-for-alaska-lets-do-it-yogis/
    I posted the message from my friend Leslie regarding the project on my blog. Please pass on the word? The children of Alaska apparently think it’s the bees knees that people around the country are making cranes in their honor and posting pictures on the facebook page.


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