Like a puppy

🙂 True peace and happiness comes from freedom, freedom from suffering, delusion, anxiety, fear, anger, craving,desire, selfishness, wrong perceptions, impatience etc. No matter what you think or have been taught to believe, wealth or fame will not bring you peace and happiness nor will power of position.

Just take a look at the wealthy and famous and you will realize this is not the path to happiness.

Things that lead to peace and happiness are

  • compassion,
  • understanding,
  • kindness,
  • love,
  • generosity from the heart,
  • the right speech,
  • the right intention,
  • the right motivation,
  • the right action.

The first place to start on the journey to peace and happiness is to cultivate mindfulness. Mindfulness is being aware 100 % of the time, it’s observing your mind and not allowing it to wander. It is being in the moment 100 % of whatever you are doing. It is giving your total concentration to the task at hand,

it could also be just breathing in and out and observing the beautiful blue sky.

What ever it is be there with all of yourself completely. If you notice thoughts, sounds or pictures in your head while trying to be mindful this is natural, acknowledge them and let them pass like clouds. Go back to being mindful of what it is you are doing.

Our minds like to wander constantly so we need to train them like a puppy.

from Vintage Vibe, a company that services old-timey electric pianos. Notice their tabs include a link to “peace & happiness.” I love it.


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