My friend Stephanie’s FIRST yoga tattoo πŸ™‚

Stephanie's Ali tattoo

I had my friend Stephanie in mind when I did the post on cool yoga tattoos, but I didn’t include hers because I was all impatient and stuff and wanted to post right away.

So’s I post it and all and she’s all like “Where’s my tattoo?” And I’m all like “dude, let’s do it” and she’s all like, “werdz.”

So here is Stephanie’s lovely 16 pointed lotus tattoo (throat chakra-inspired) on her lower left back. My mind exploded when I first saw this pic, because gawsh, it looked a lot like–HOLY CRAP! She got a tattoo on her body foreverandever of a mural I painted!!!

Makes me feel like a million bucks.Β 

Mural I painted with my bare hands. And also paintbrushes.

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