I am what many would call, often as an accusation, a non-believer. It’s a charge I consider unfair.

Because all of us, no matter the connection we feel -or don’t- when sitting under the stars or feeling the world closing in; doing what comes naturally, or rearranging the furniture, all of us believe in something.

I believe in first impressions and second chances for strippers, priests, and hopeless hapless sisters.

I believe in telling the truth to people you love at every possible turn. And lying, just a little, at what seems the appropriate time.

I  believe in finding people you’d run through a brick wall for and making sure they know it (if not in so many words.)

But mostly, I believe in justice. Sweet, straight and other wise. Justice, that’s my church.

Also, I believe in taking cookies out of the oven two minutes early. I mean, c’mon, right??

-In Plain Sight

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