Getcher wedding photographer here

Have I mentioned that I think Heather McCutchen is an awesome photographer?

Oh, I have? (here, here, here, and here.)
Hm. Noted.
I swear she’s not paying me.
I kinda want to pay her. I want to hire her to document my life.
Like, me brushing my teeth.
Me chuckling knowingly at “Wait, wait don’t tell me” on Saturdays.
Me reading crappy crime fiction in my sweats.
Because the thing is, she makes EVERYTHING look amazing.
She just put her wedding portfolio up on her site. And I think I got some photos here that are NOT in her portfolio, werd!!! So go, hire her. Hire her now. Hurry up, because when word spreads and she gets famous, it’s gonna be all over!!
Heather McCutchen of Wander and Scrawl is based in Carrboro, NC. Here she is with her dude, Andy. Notice: he has a camera, too. They shoot weddings together!! It’s like a twofer!

2 thoughts on “Getcher wedding photographer here

  1. Ali, Only you can see the photos cause you linked to the photos that were attached to a gmail message in your account…. e.g.

    <img src=”” alt=”” width=”500″ height=”371″>

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