We’re doing quiet headstands

[to Aldus and Sarah] Remember this is not a competition, although you two seem to be best in class. Excellent. Perfect form.

[to Peter] It’s really important in this pose that you arch your back and keep it flat at the same time

I feel like those are opposing ideas.

No, they’re not. ‘Cause you’re arching your back up…while it’s flat. That’s good, sweat it out. Sweat out all the toxins from this morning.

C’mon lady!

My name’s Prana. And I know that wasn’t juice.

[to Aldus] You don’t really need any adjusting, so I’m just going to do this for myself, just to learn from your body, to memorize your body. Good, strong legs, perfect standing form! Okay class, I’d now like to move into a tripod headstand. This is more of an advanced pose, so if you don’t feel comfortable or strong enough please feel free to just LAY ON YOUR MAT IN CHILD’S POSE.

I got it.

Alright, so let’s all come down to our mats. In preposition [sic] for the tripod headstand. If you don’t feel comfortable, there’s NO SHAME IN JUST LAYING ON YOUR MAT IN CHILD’S POSE.

Lady, I got it!

So let’s prep to come up. Sir, if you just want to lay down in child’s pose–Now you all heard me say if you want to remain in child’s pose just in case he gets hurt. I don’t want you to break your neck, so…

What’s up?? MY LEGS, THAT’S WHAT!

We’re doing QUIET headstands today.

I’m doing a headstand, muthafucka! I’m. Doing. A. headstand.

Okay! Why don’t we just release! Good everybody…good.

4 thoughts on “We’re doing quiet headstands

  1. I just watched this movie for the first time a few weeks ago and that scene cracked me up! “I’m just going to memorize your body”

    1. This is the masterpiece of film known as “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” If you or anyone you know is going through a breakup, WATCH THIS IMMEDIATELY. [[The yoga scene is on the deleted scenes]]

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