Top Ten Reasons I love Bendo at the Zendo

10. I just never get tired of saying that.

9. The 3 giant koi fish that are so slow-moving in winter, and surprisingly sassy in summer.

8. Being out in the woods doing yoga. Le Sigh!

7. The diamond window!

6. The moktak! LOVE the moktak.

5. Everyone at the Zen Center is so kind to us.<3

4. Really, the prettiest OM ever.

3. We are well evenly matched men/women.

2. I get to witness folks learn how to take care of themselves.

AND the number one reason I love Bendo at the Zendo…

1. The students are thoughtful, kind, focused, and excited, and that makes me excited, too. Thanks, guys. ❤


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons I love Bendo at the Zendo

  1. reason number 11: the frog
    reason number 12: the birds chirping
    reason number 13: doing tree pose while looking at the trees
    reason number 14: bliss

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