Small yogi from over at Wander & Scrawl Photography

The Yogi conquers the body by the practice of asanas and makes it a fit vehicle for the spirit. He knows that it is a necessary vehicle for the spirit. A soul without a body is like a bird deprived of its power to fly.

– BKS Iyengar

This exact post was featured on Friday at Wander & Scrawl but since I keep visiting it for the little serotonin lift it gives me, I figured I’d share it with you.  Heather took this amazing picture. The yogi in the midground is Haunches. Do not be suspicious of her lack of hair or her small size. She is full of sweetness, personality, and affection. The depths of her love for life are staggering. She is a good girl!

In the foreground you will see Huckleberry. He is serious in a way that is almost heartbreakingly dear. Like a kindergartner worrying about going off the gold standard. Though he does lighten up when you bring out that squeaky hedgehog. Or so I’m told.

Another thing I love about this is the quote that Heather found. One of the things that I appreciate yoga is how it regards the body as something to inhabit fully, not a mortal coil preventing us from attaining some better state. Being a literal-minded lady (most puns really confuse me) I like things that I can SEE, HEAR, SMELL, TOUCH, and TASTE. Conveniently, I have a body to do those things. Man, Mr. Iyengar is a smart dude, I tell you what.

One thought on “Small yogi from over at Wander & Scrawl Photography

  1. Thanks for spreading the Haunches/Huckleberry lurve! They’re so honored to grace the pages of your fabulous blog, which is looking ah-mazing after the recent update! 🙂

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